12 questions to ask yourself before buying a motorcycle lift

  • Why do you need a motorcycle lift?
The lifting platform is generally useful for any type of work to be done on the motorcycle. Its practicality makes this type of equipment an essential tool in garages. Indeed, the purchase of a motorcycle lift considerably reduces the effort of the person using it. It allows professional mechanics or simple enthusiasts to work more comfortably during maintenance or repairs. Thus, lifting your motorcycle for an oil change or for any type of pneumatic work will be easier with the help of a lift. In general, this type of equipment can lift any type of motorcycle up to a Harley-Davidson type.
  • What are the differences between the types of steel?
At first glance, motorcycle lift platforms look almost identical. This is usually the opinion of people outside the world of motorcycle mechanics. The most common form in workshops is the scissor lift type with a wheel clamp at the front and a ramp at the back. But in reality, it is important to identify the lift table capable of withstanding daily use in the workshop and the very commercial type. The latter are often not very resistant and their acquisition is not profitable for a professional or even a simple enthusiast. The difficulty of identification lies in the fact that all these materials on the market are made of steel and that it is not easy to distinguish between a good or bad quality lifting platform. Indeed, at first sight, the appearance of the steels is almost identical. However, different types and qualities can be distinguished based on a few points, to learn more, click here. These manufacturing criteria have a direct impact on the quality of the motorcycle lift. Thus, a big difference can be raised between a lift made in Europe and one of Chinese origin. The European-made equipment is almost subject to strict standards. Chinese products are more of a commercial type than quality. The small details that make a mounting bracket of high quality are absent with Chinese products. In the long run, the wear and tear is felt very quickly and the guarantee of the tool is almost non-existent given the price. The question of safety is thus called into question when the motorcycle lift is used to its full potential and does not meet the required standards.
  • What about the maximum load to be lifted?
The hydraulic motorcycle lift generally supports a load of 300kg to 600kg or a little more. Before purchasing a hydraulic jack, it is therefore necessary to determine the weight range to be lifted according to your type of motorcycle. It is also advisable to take into account the weight of the motorcycle with its full tank when determining this weight. Once this weight has been identified, it is possible to proceed with the purchase immediately.
  • How big should the ramp be?
The rails and the work table of your hydraulic motorcycle platform must be long enough to safely attach the wheels and this is the absolute minimum. For motorcycles with long forks, a minimum lifting length of 2 meters is recommended. In your daily life, if the need to place objects on the platform lift is felt during work, it is preferable to opt for a longer and more spacious motorcycle lift. This choice is especially made to allow you to work comfortably and with more safety. Of course, working with a comfortable tool is desirable, but you must also take into account your working space. Indeed, the choice of your lift must be made according to the space available in the workshop. If there is no space, it is not advisable to choose wide ramps whose dimensions will be added to those of the lift. The width of the ramp must also be taken into account. For better stability, it is advisable to opt for a wider rail that can accommodate any type of motorcycle. The work table should also be wider to accommodate the working tools.   
  • What is the required lifting height?
When considering the lifting height, it is important to take into account the size of the person who will be using the lift regularly. The taller the person, the higher the lift height should be. The majority of inexpensive motorcycle lifts have a height of around 20 centimeters with a relatively low lifting height of around 80 centimeters. This question about the author is quite different with a professional type of mounting bracket. It is quite possible to find car access heights of 13 centimeters with lifting heights up to 1.20 meters. If you work with tall people, it is better to choose professional equipment that complies with European standards.
  • Fixed or mobile lift ?
For a motorcycle lift, there are generally two options: the fixed platform and the mobile platform. A fixed lift is solidly fixed to the ground. The advantage with this type of equipment is above all the stability in all circumstances. It is mainly used by professionals with a fairly clear working space. In the opposite case, with a limited working space, it is advisable to opt for a mobile hydraulic motorcycle lift to be able to move it and thus gain more space. Some people prefer movable work tools instead of fixed ones. This is to be able to move it easily after use. At the beginning, this movement in the workshop is convenient, but in the long run, it is a tiring maneuver because of the weight of about 100kg. On the other hand, lightness does not always rhyme with stability. Thus, it is necessary to choose between a motorcycle lift of about 100 kg and one with 300 kg of gross weight.
  • What about the comfort of the lift drive?
With a hydraulic drive equipped with a foot pump, the pumping of the lift is done manually and the hydraulic control is activated with a switch. The effort is less with this type of drive. It is also possible to use the pneumatic version with air and compressor connection. This control is powered by a motor that can be started comfortably with the foot. Your choice will thus be based on the question of comfort of use according to your preferences.
  • What equipment and extras do you want for your motorcycle lift?
It is quite possible to lift motorcycles with basic elevators. It is indeed a fairly practical piece of work equipment, but don't expect to have more advanced options or features. A lift equipped with a retractable rear rail and allowing the removal of the rear wheel is quite different from a basic model. Buying a motorcycle lift with advanced features is therefore more advantageous than buying a basic model.
  • What are the differences in the front wheel lock?
In order to work comfortably and safely, the front wheel must be securely locked so that the machine fits properly on the lift. For this purpose, various brands and importers offer fastening options such as infinitely adjustable clamping jaws. If you are more rigorous in terms of safety, it is quite possible to opt for a pneumatic clamping jaw.
  • What about approval ?
The question of approval is a very important point before buying a motorcycle jack. This approval is necessary for professional customers, but also for private individuals. For safety reasons, each motorcycle lift has a specific use. Therefore, before taking advantage of the free delivery from a supplier, it is advisable to determine with the supplier whether the intended use is in line with the equipment. Once the supplier approves the intended use, it is possible to proceed to the immediate purchase. If you are unsure about your choice, contact a service that can tell you which lift table model is right for your company.
  • What about the working time with the motorcycle lift?
The question of working time goes hand in hand with the frequency of use. It is also important to distinguish between professional and occasional use. In any case, the use of professional equipment is always recommended in order to comply with the required standards and for your safety. Opting for a European quality hydraulic jack will also allow you to enjoy your work tool longer and benefit from more interesting after-sales services. Several users are complaining online about the defectiveness of certain hydraulic cylinders as well as the hydraulic lines of motorcycle lifts that do not comply with European standards. Some of them show signs of weakness after only a few weeks of use. However, in most cases, these brands from other countries are not present in Europe for the resale of spare parts. By opting for a European platform lift, you will benefit from a 5-year warranty with quality after-sales services.
  • What is the budget for the whole package?
Like any buyer, the first instinct is to compare prices. The general rule is that quality does not usually rhyme with low price. However, there are exceptions. But it is always advisable to avoid equipment with a too low price to avoid bad surprises. Instead, invest in a safe working material even if it is a bit expensive compared to others. Several brands and models are currently available on the motorcycle lift market. The price is very variable and often misleads buyers as to the quality of the equipment. With a fairly high price and a choice of a major brand, in addition to the assurance on the quality of your acquisition, it is also possible to benefit from free delivery. In general, if you want to buy a motorcycle lift that will last for many years, it is better to consider quality over price. For this purpose, it is quite possible to choose European brands such as Corghi or Ravaglioli. If you are interested in a professional motorcycle lift, you can contact one of our managers or visit our online store. You can also leave your question as a comment and receive a quick answer.
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