How to choose your next motorcycle training course?

Many schools like DRRS- offer motorcycle driving courses and a lot of people are interested. If this is also your case, you certainly ask yourself some questions to be sure to make an effective training course and which is not likely to disappoint you. How to choose your next motorcycle driving course? Follow this guide.

Motorcycle training course : trust only the professionals

Only professionals can provide you with complete and up-to-date know-how. So don't trust just anyone, even if there are many offers on the internet and some prices are particularly attractive. So, find out about the team that will take care of you before you sign up for a motorcycle driving course or any other. The various schools that offer these courses will obviously advertise the skills of their instructors, but don't be satisfied with words. Find out about the real skills of the instructors by looking at specific information. Make sure, for example, that they are professionals in motorcycle riding and that they have a proven track record that testifies to their know-how and their mastery of two wheels. Indeed, passion is not enough to become an instructor of this kind of course even if passion plays an important role in this profession. You should know that the best schools hire world champions and other high-level professionals in this field. On the other hand, check the reputation of the school through the opinions of those who have already taken an internship there. It's even better if your friends and family can recommend one.

Motorcycle riding course: make sure the course is complete

The objective of a motorcycle driving course is to master the vehicle in all circumstances, on circuit or in road conditions. Check that the course will give you the expected result before you register. Several criteria deserve that you are particularly interested in it:
  • It is better to do the course with your own motorcycle for a simple question of logic. The course in question does not have to be aimed at a particular type of motorcycle, since each participant will be riding his or her own motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle driving courses on circuit must combine progress and road safety.
  • The instructor must take charge of a limited number of participants (no more than 10)
  • The course must be carried out with modern tools and materials.
  • Several training sessions should be planned and their number can go up to 15 per course with an average duration of 20min each time.
  • Tailor-made debriefings should be offered to each participant
Obviously, each offer is different depending on the school, but even if the different criteria vary, always be demanding on the basic parameters mentioned above. And in addition to the criteria related to the internship itself, make sure that you will be insured during your different sessions. The internship should include liability insurance. Moreover, a complete motorcycle driving course covers the different themes that you need to master in order to be able to drive with pleasure and in complete safety. We can mention among others the overtaking, the entry speed, the look, the confidence-concentration, the reference points, the questions relative to the tires or the behavior to adopt in case of rain. Choose your motorcycle driving course well and this discipline will have no more secret for you. The driving will then be combined with pleasure and safety, whether you plan to drive on circuit or on the road.
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