Choosing a GPS for your motorcycle: what should you think about before choosing it?

With so many GPS models out there, it's hard to find the right one. Before choosing a motorcycle GPS navigator, there are several important criteria you should consider. Discover the criteria for selecting your GPS navigator to get the most out of it.

The screen

 To choose a GPS navigator for motorcycles, you must first focus on the screen. Indeed, it must be in perfect agreement with the conditions of use of your two-wheeled vehicle. It is best to choose a screen whose size allows you to read the information comfortably, without being too big as it could be annoying if it takes up too much space. To ensure better readability, choose anti-glare screens, knowing that a GPS is useless if you can't see anything. Make sure the touch function works even when you're wearing gloves, since you won't be able to do without them while driving. Go for a recent model like the BMW navigator VI.

Waterproofing and mapping

 A GPS navigator for motorcycles must be waterproof to be able to face the various climatic hazards. It must not be affected by rain or snow. It must also withstand splashes and possible immersion in water. Nothing beats a waterproof GPS. Mapping is another important factor to think about before choosing your motorcycle GPS. Unlike automotive GPS mapping, motorcycle mapping is much less extensive. It is highly recommended to choose a mapping adapted to your usual circuit. At the moment, there is no motorcycle GPS with a worldwide mapping. However, it is possible to buy virtual maps online and install them on your geolocation device.


 Currently, the market offers two types of GPS models that differ from each other in the way they are powered. Some GPS units draw their power from the motorcycle's battery through a power cable, while others operate independently with a built-in battery. GPS systems with their own batteries are rechargeable. It is recommended to opt for the first type, especially if you have a long journey to make, to avoid discharging the battery during the journey. You can also find GPS models that can be powered both by the motorcycle's battery and by a separate battery.
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