Motorcycle: How do you wear a jet helmet?

One of the things that should be taken seriously is the choice and purchase of a motorcycle jet helmet. There are a number of specific factors that are taken into account before wearing a jet helmet: weight, size, protection... Compared to other motorcycle helmets, this represents several advantages that are perfect especially for mopeds or for anyone who has vehicles with limited speed. But how to choose and wear a jet motorcycle helmet? How do you take care of it? And when should a driver change his jet helmet?

A choice of a jet motorcycle helmet

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the jet motorcycle helmet guarantees safety. If you ride slowly or ride in the city, the jet helmet will be much better. The choice of a helmet is then based on a few criteria primarily including the helmet visor. It is better to choose a helmet that has a model without a shield to protect you from wind and insects. That way, the front of your face and the bottom are already exposed in case there is an accident. Secondly, your choices on the aesthetics of the side should be decisive. And finally, you should try the helmet on before you pay for it at the checkout. You need to be sure that you feel comfortable and that it fits you. 

Replace your jet helmet

 A jet motorcycle helmet is one of the most essential accessories for your protection and safety. In general, helmets should be replaced every five years. However, this period varies depending on the frequency of use. You should think about changing your jet helmet if it seems bigger than before or if the inner foams have become stunted. A helmet can also be damaged and might not protect you anymore after a fall caused by a violent impact.

Taking care of the new jet motorcycle helmet

 It is not advisable to lend a jet motorcycle helmet. Obviously, it will never be as comfortable on your friend as it is on yours. There are a few tips to take good care of it and ensure the longevity of the helmet. After use, you should store it in the cover to protect against dust. Use soap and warm water for cleaning. Then, use a wipe or a cloth or even a specific spray to wash and disassemble the interior foam.
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