Electric scooters for people with reduced mobility

Electric scooters are an environmentally friendly means of transportation. Compared to gasoline scooters, owners of electric scooters will be able to save fuel. In addition, some models of electric scooters with 3 or 4 wheels are suitable for people with limited mobility and the elderly.

Electric scooter models and prices

The Beeper Road - Scootcross has a range of 20 or 35 km depending on the battery. The price of the accessory is about 1800 €. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the BMW C Evolution has a range of 100 km. Its price? 15 400 € approximately. For about 5000 €, you can buy a Bultaco Brinco R electric scooter. The advantage of the Eccity Motorcycles Artelec is that the device has an integrated BMS. Those who invest in an eBikeBoard benefit from an ecological bike with a removable lithium-ion battery. Govecs, L-Trott, RP Diffusions, Stealth Electric Bikes, Matre i-scool, E-max, Renault Twizy, Umob and Scutum are all models of electric scooter.

Range of electric scooters to promote autonomy

To assist people with disabilities or reduced mobility, there are several models of electric scooters specially adapted for people with disabilities. Some models are compact and can be easily stored in the trunk of a car. The electric scooters that promote autonomy are equipped with 4 wheels; these devices that adapt to the user's morphology can reach 15 km/h. Disabled people can also choose 4-wheel electric scooters with a powerful battery designed to travel easily on mountain roads or ultra-compact 3-wheel models that can be folded and disassembled into 4 parts. Scooter Carpo 2 XD, Easytrans, road approved model Patrol, Venus 3 or 4 V, Antares 4 wheels can make the daily life of people with reduced mobility easier.

Choosing the right electric scooter

Some electric scooters are designed to help people with limited mobility stay in their homes. When purchasing an electric scooter, it is important to determine the length of the trip to be made daily. Its weight and maneuverability can be a factor in determining the model of mobility aid. The purchase of an electric scooter also depends on the options and accessories that come with it. You can complete the equipment by adding a front trunk, an access ramp, a protective cover, an additional battery to double its autonomy... The price is a determining factor. It is necessary to foresee a budget for the insurance if the electric scooter circulates on the roads.
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