Full face motorcycle helmets: the most expensive are not necessarily the safest!

The price of a full-face motorcycle helmet does not reflect the level of protection. A recent study of 22 types of helmets shows that some flagship models sell for several hundred dollars, which are not as effective in protecting the rider as other less expensive products.

The most expensive is not the safest

 A study conducted by the Mutuelle des motards, the Maif Foundation and the University of Strasbourg has shown that the degree of protection of motorcycle helmets has nothing to do with price. It was found that some celebrity models sold at the price of gold (350 to 400 euros) are not as protective as others that are less expensive. The material used to make the helmet shell - polycarbonate or fiber (glass, Kevlar, carbon is rarely used) - is one of the criteria that influence the price. Specifically, polycarbonate is cheaper and heavier than fiber. For more information, you can also find many Full-Face Helmets on bmw.europe-moto.com

The advantages of full-face helmets

 The shell of the full-face motorcycle helmet is integrated, which provides better protection. In case of a fall, the parts will not come loose. A few months ago, we also wrote an article about the standards, approvals and different tests required by helmet manufacturers for the safety of the rider. Another very important point is the sound insulation; you are not only looking for silent headphones! In fact, are there something called the quietest headphones in the world? It is not easy to answer, because many factors (whether the helmet size is appropriate, the ventilation system, the outdoor conditions people find, the riding style and the type of motorcycle) will make the helmet silent. It can be very loud on the same headphones...

Try before you buy

 It is important to remember the importance of correctly identifying your needs in order to choose the best type of helmet. The price of a full-face motorcycle helmet is related to its design, weight, comfort (depending on the material used, fiber, polycarbonate, carbon) and its treatment quality. But it also depends on the options, for example, the anti-fog treatment of the sun visor, the presence of sunscreen, the multiple ventilation positions (opening/closing) or the removable foam (therefore washable). In any case, beware of the salesmen's conversations, who often prefer more expensive models. Before buying a helmet, wear one immediately: safety is priceless and comfortable.
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