Large touring motorcycles

This kind of motorcycle is intended for long journeys for that it privileged the comfort of driving. It is characterized by a driving position close to the vertical to allow to keep the back straight, the arms stretched and the legs unfolded. It is equipped with a large tank to allow an autonomy of several hundred kilometers. In addition, its fairing is designed to protect the driver from wind and weather.

The Honda Gold Wing

Honda is the symbol of grand touring, it integrates all the latest technologies to give birth to the Honda Gold Wing, comfortable and harmonious, to please its users. Its engine is characterized by 6 flat water-cooled cylinders of 1832 cm3. It is a smooth, silent and powerful engine, highly appreciated for its strength. It is also equipped with a PGM-FI fuel injection system that reduces fuel consumption with minimum polluting emissions. And to guarantee your safety, the Honda is the only one to adapt an airbag system. Finally, it can't neglect the technological side because it is equipped with a satellite navigation system to facilitate travel. The Goldwing has stood the test of time as the most enjoyable riding experience on two wheels today.

The Triumph Sprint

The Sprint ST has evolved in 2005 to welcome the 1050 cc engine. At first sight, the aspect and the dimensions of the Sprint give it an air of medium-sized sports car, rather luxurious and very elegant. A 3-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine with 1050 cm³. The additional 95 cm³, allows an increase in power of 5 horses compared to the old version. Comfortable and luxurious, it also guarantees the safety of the driver.
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