Motorcycle license/ the code: what is it?

The motorcycle license in France is called a category A license. To obtain it, the motorcyclist must pass the theoretical test of the Highway Code as well as the practical test. The Highway Code exam is mandatory if you want to drive your motorcycle with peace of mind.

Motorcycle license on the Highway Code

The motorcycle license at the code level is a theoretical test collective to the Highway Code. This test is compulsory for all driving licenses, as well as for A1 (125 cc), A2, A and B1 motorcycle license holders. The code is also for those who wish to obtain the B, C, D or E license. The validity of the code license is 5 years from the date of obtaining the document and not the passing of the exam. Taking the exam costs 30 € from June 1, 2016 and its registration can be done online. You can register for the code exam from 17 years old for the A2 motorcycle license and from 16 years old when it comes to the A1 and B1 license.

Different motorcycle licenses

Motorcycle driving licenses come in different variants. The road safety license or BSR is for people who want to drive a light motor quadricycle or a 50 cm³ moped from the age of 14. New holders of the BSR must also apply for the A1 category of the driving license to be able to drive with peace of mind. The A license is divided into 3 levels: A1 allows to drive two-wheelers with a power of less than 11 kW, A2 for motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW and A license for any type of motorcycle. B license holders are allowed to drive light motorcycles while B1 license holders can drive heavy motor tricycles and quadricycles.

Code exam adapted to the candidates' profiles

The code exam offers specific sessions for foreigners who have a poor command of the French language. These people can use the services of a translator-interpreter. Candidates who are deaf or hard of hearing can use the services of a translator-interpreter specialized in sign language. People with dysphasia, dyspraxia and/or dyslexia will be able to take the test by presenting the right documents. These documents can be a recognition of the quality of disabled worker, a recognition of accommodation for the national education tests or a medical certificate less than 6 months old.
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