Motorcycle: What is the risk of not wearing approved gloves?

Since November 20, 2016, in order to improve road safety (especially for users of motorized two-wheelers), the wearing of gloves has become mandatory for autonomous motorcycles. Indeed, just like belts or helmets, gloves are part of an essential safety device that protects the driver and passengers on two-wheelers. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

What the law says

 According to Article R. 431-1-2 of the Traffic Regulations, every passenger or driver of a motorcycle, three-wheeled motorcycle, four-wheeled motorcycle or moped is required to wear gloves in accordance with the current regulations on protective equipment such as the BMW Motorcycle gloves. The obligation to wear gloves applies to all drivers and all sizes of motorcycle engines. Therefore, this measure applies to drivers and passengers of motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles or mopeds. Only vehicles equipped with seat belts and doors will not be affected by the glove requirement.

A motorcycle without gloves is dangerous

 Two-wheelers belong to the category of users most vulnerable to road risks. In order to protect two-wheelers, the 2018 Interdepartmental Road Safety Committee hopes to encourage the wearing of additional motorcycle equipment, which is currently optional and not mandatory. As with other motorcycle accessories (motorcycle helmets, yellow vests, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots or shoes), wearing appropriate riding gloves such as BMW motorcycle gloves is essential to ensure the safety of two-wheeler drivers and passengers. According to one study, in the event of a fall or traffic accident, wearing gloves can reduce hand injuries for motorcyclists by 95% and moped riders by 87%. The first thing to do when you fall is to put your hands on the ground to resist the vibrations. Therefore, not wearing gloves on a motorcycle can cause irreparable trauma, permanent disability, cuts, fractures, scrapes and bruises.

Sanctions for non-compliance

 For the driver, not wearing motorcycle gloves such as BMW motorcycle gloves will be punished with a three-tiered fine (flat fee: 68 euros; fines: 45 euros; fines: 180 euros). Please note that for drivers of motorcycles and scooters of 125 cubic centimeters and above, they will also be sanctioned for losing 1 point on their driving license (A, A2 or B). The loss of points involves only the driver, not the passengers. If the driver wears gloves instead of the passenger, only the passenger pays the fine: no points will be lost, whether or not he/she has a driver's license. On the other hand, if the passenger is a minor (under 18 years old), the driver is considered responsible and pays the fine (but no points will be lost).
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