Practical tips for adapting a KTM endurance bike into a race bike

Buying a motorcycle from a dealer does not mean that the motorcycle is ready to compete on sport bike race tracks. Several modifications and adaptations are necessary to have a competition bike. Here is an example of the modifications to be made on a KTM enduro and practical maintenance tips.

Modifications to turn a KTM enduro bike into a competition bike

In order for a KTM motorcycle designed for endurance racing to be allowed to conquer the racetrack several modifications have to be made. Most of these modifications involve changing the parts originally delivered with other modified parts of the same utility but more adapted to the circuit events. For the example of a KTM endurance motorcycle the following modifications are to be made to transform it into a racing motorcycle. - Change the turn signal systems to prevent them from breaking in the many crashes that can occur in the race. Some motorcycle tuners recommend simply removing the turn signal system. - Replace the catalyzed exhaust system with a non-catalyzed exhaust system. - Replace carburetion settings including choke and idle jets. - Replace the original gearbox output sprocket and chain with one compatible with the new gearbox output sprocket. All the necessary parts and even tutorials to follow to make modifications on a KTM motorcycle are available on any motorcycle parts website.

Necessary Checks required before going to the race track

Once all the modifications on the KTM endurance bike are done it is now ready to go on the competition circuit but before that some checks are recommended to avoid inconveniences or even accidents. It is essentially to verify: - The perfect tightening of all the elements that have been changed or modified - Tightening the spokes of the front and rear tires - Pressure in the tires - And the good running-in of the bike

Recommended periodic maintenance

In order to keep a KTM endurance motorcycle modified as a racing motorcycle in good working order and performance on the racetrack, some periodic maintenance is required after each race. Here are the most important ones: - Clean the air filter after each race because it is the lung of the motorcycle and many impurities and greases come to clog it during the race. To clean it, use a specific product whose main action is to remove impurities and grease. - Change the oil of the motorcycle, and for this it is always advisable to change the oil while the engine is still warm. It is also advisable to change the oil filter at every oil change. - Other types of maintenance are also recommended but not always after the race. We can mention the greasing of the rods, the greasing of the handlebars... For more convenience, KTM motorcycle diehards can learn more about periodic motorcycle maintenance on the many Facebook pages that are run in most cases by experts in the field.
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