Regular motorcycle maintenance for all engine sizes

The maintenance of the motorcycle is a service whose main components must be checked. By carrying out the routine maintenance of your motorcycle, you can make significant savings since you can limit wear and tear and ride in complete safety. The maintenance allows for example to reduce the oil consumption.

Maintenance of new motorcycles

Even a new motorcycle needs maintenance called break-in. It is said that a good break-in is the secret to having a good motorcycle. Break-in is a period of adjustment to allow the mechanical parts of the motorcycle to settle into place. While all parts of the motorcycle can be broken in, it is the parts that are attached to the engine that require break-in. The break-in period is a maintenance period for new motorcycles during which the motorcyclist should not use the engine of his vehicle to its maximum capacity. Its duration varies according to the recommendations of the manufacturer who determines it according to the characteristics of the engine. Generally, manufacturers recommend 1000 km of break-in.

Regular maintenance of a motorcycle whatever its capacity

The routine maintenance of a motorcycle consists of many elements. To take care of your motorcycle, always use a hose wash and avoid using a Karcher wash, which can damage the radiator seals. To maintain aluminum materials and give them a new lease on life, it's best to use products like belgom aluminum or belgom chrome. For the vast majority of motorcycles equipped with a transmission, it will be necessary to check the tension and lubricate the secondary transmission chain. The O-ring chain is a fragile element that deserves regular maintenance at least every 1000 km. Motorcycle maintenance also includes checking the safety elements.

Price and frequency of a motorcycle maintenance

A single- or four-cylinder motorcycle with a capacity of 50, 125 or even 1800 cm³ needs regular maintenance at a certain interval. The vehicle must be serviced regularly even if it is not in use. While some basic maintenance can be done by yourself, other services require the intervention of the dealer. The smallest maintenance costs do not exceed 45 €. The bill for the 50,000 km service reaches €800. While some manufacturers recommend a 500 km service, others offer a 1000 km service. The most common intervals are 6000 km, 12,000 km or 24 months, 18,000 km or 36 months...
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