The 125cc motorcycle, an unbeatable quality/price ratio!

125cc motorcycles are two-wheeled models that must not exceed 15 horsepower. These light motorcycles with a maximum power of 125 cm³ or 11 watts can be driven with a license obtained more than 2 years ago and a 7 hours training.

Particularity of 125 cc motorcycles

The 125cc motorcycles are ideal cross-country motorcycles to discover the joy of riding two-wheelers. The 125cc motorcycle has an attractive price/quality ratio. The 125cc motorcycle is mainly a motorization and not a range of motorcycles. There are several types of 125cc motorcycles. It can be a scooter with 2 or 3 wheels, custom motorcycles, sport bikes, roadster or trail bike. The 125cc cross-country motorcycle is aimed at beginners as well as young people who have an A, A1, A2 or B license and meet certain conditions. These vehicles allow adults to benefit from an ideal tool to simplify the transition from car to two-wheeler. This type of motorcycles allows the owner to make daily trips, rides in the city or in the mountains.

Different ranges of 125 motorcycles

In addition to offering good value for money, the 125cc motorcycle is ideal for teaching beginners how to ride a two-wheeler, acquire the reflexes and sensations of driving. With this device, motorcyclists benefit from a light and manageable means of transport, with a compact and very practical shape, especially in traffic jams. Its low power reassures parents and the motorcycle requires little maintenance. The 125 motorcycle models are suitable for any road condition. Depending on the model, the roadsters are suitable for city riding, the cross bikes are mostly suitable for trails and roads, while the GT range is recommended more for road riding.

125cc dirt bike price examples

125 motorcycles are available for all budgets. The Dirt Bike Apollo RFZ LWB Open 125cc costs around 1300 €. To buy a Dirt Bike Apollo RFZ Junior 125cc, plan on around 1000 €. The Dirt Bike YCF Pilot F125 is a top of the line 125 motorcycle costs from 1400 €. For more affordable dirt bikes, the Spitfire Pit Bike and the KXD One Pit Bike cost around €500.
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