The implementation of the RSV

On April 15, 2009, the state implemented the new Vehicle Registration System. Since this date, it is not only the prefecture that can give the registration card to all motorists. Thanks to this new system (RSV), accredited and skilled car professionals are also allowed to take over this mission. The procedure does not consist of going to these professionals, as was done with the prefecture. Far from it, the principle requires no travel, no expenses, no traffic jams, no queues. Everything is done online, including filling out the form and obtaining the provisional model. Each professional website that can handle the application for a vehicle registration document has a telephone number that the user can contact for information and, above all, for guidance in gathering the necessary supporting documents.

Make your car registration via internet

By making your car registration online, you not only save time but you also benefit from an optimal speed. Indeed, you are no longer obliged to go to the prefecture. You don't have to pay any fees or wait in line. You are even guided to quickly complete your file. And in all simplicity, you will have in hand your car registration document after having filled in the information requested by the professional site. Usually, this information focuses on your identity and that of your vehicle. We can mention for example the date of registration of the vehicle, the rate of carbon dioxide emitted, the VIN number as well as the fiscal horsepower. Once you have submitted your application, it will be processed immediately. Before acquiring the original and the final one, you will first have the provisional card with which you can circulate normally during 1 month. After this period, you will have your original model in your mailbox. To prove the authenticity of this card, it must be printed and mailed to your home. The national printing office will send the registered mail to the address of the owner of the new card.
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