The Tmax for women and men

The word scooter from the English verb to scoot, so it means a motorcycle characterized by small wheels with a diameter of less than 36 cm, an open frame forming the floor with a wide space between the wheels allows to place the feet and possibly luggage and a fairing. Popular in Europe and especially in Italy, it was born in 1902 in the French company Auto-Fauteuil, then it spread all over the world undergoing various evolutions over time.

The vespa

The Vespa is a line of scooters launched on April 23, 1946 by the company Piaggio & Co, S.p.A. The name Vespa, which means wasp in Italian, was inspired by the owner himself. The motorcycle became a symbol of Italian creativity and an extraordinary commercial success, which continues to this day with 90,000 units sold in 2006. All over the world, the Vespa has become a typically Italian product, used by men and women, synonymous with freedom, mobility and conviviality.


Yamaha is omnipresent in the motorcycle market and has designed a type of two-wheeler that is considered the best of the sport bikes and luxury scooters. The TMAX BLACK MAX motorcycle is designed for the most demanding bikers with its twin-cylinder, four-stroke, 530cc liquid-cooled engine. Its sophisticated dashboard is inspired by car dashboards, and it has a glove box and an under-seat trunk, which supports its practicality. It is marketed in several special and two-tone colors to suit all tastes, whether feminine or masculine.
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