What equipment to recharge the battery of your motorcycle?

Having a motorcycle that runs smoothly is every rider's wish. But your battery can give you a hard time. It does not occur to you to look at this part of the machine from time to time. Yet, silently, it loses power. It is your responsibility to check it and upgrade it. A battery, whether old or new, deserves regular maintenance.    

The different batteries

 The motorcycle needs a power source to operate. It needs to power its various electrical parts to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. At start-up, the battery provides power to the alternator and ensures ignition. During the ride, the motorcycle's current value can decrease. When the engine is running at a slow speed, this happens. You need a battery charger for BMW motorcycles to reinvigorate it. Thanks to its reserve, the battery comes to the rescue. In addition to these functions, it also supplies power to other electrical equipment. If your battery shows signs of fatigue, the BMW Motorcycle Battery charger can help you recharge it. The inscriptions on the battery help you to maintain it or to replace it if necessary. The capacity of the battery is measured in ampere/hour (A/h), i.e., the current (A) charged by the battery in one hour. There are two types of batteries: the classic lead-acid battery (with 40% acid and 60% water) and the gel-type battery, which does not require any fluid upgrading or maintenance. 

How to recharge a battery?

 When the engine is running, it drives the alternator in rotation to provide power and charge the battery. Multiple reasons can cause the battery to dry out and become flat, such as the alteration of the alternator, which does not supply the battery with current when the motorcycle is running at low speed. In such a case, the battery suffers a lot. The battery's recharging time is not sufficient if there are too many starts on short trips. A chemical reaction may also occur in the battery between its components in the electrolyte. Even when disconnected, the battery loses its capacity by gradually discharging. In such situations, charging should be done with a suitable device such as the BMW motorcycle battery charger.  The battery status is indicated by the color of the positive plates: dark brown means charged and light brown means discharged. The terminal voltage value reveals the charging time. If the voltage of a 12-volt battery drops below 11 volts, use a BMW motorcycle battery charger to recharge. The electrolyte level of the battery, located between the minimum and maximum horizontal lines marked on the battery, should be checked periodically.

Tips and precautions to take

 The charging of the battery should be preceded by some measurements. For both types, it is necessary to check for corrosion at the terminals of the component. Thus, it is necessary to clean the surfaces to have a good contact and a better conduction of the current when starting and igniting the motorcycle. During installation, the battery vent must be cleared. You can charge the lead acid battery by following these steps: remove the battery and then connect it to the BMW motorcycle battery charger using clamps. It is imperative to connect the red wire and the black wire to the charger respectively. Don't forget to unclog the battery so that it can be vented during charging.  For the gel battery, there is a specific charger that plugs directly into it without removing it from the motorcycle. It is preferable to always do a slow charge.
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